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Hand in hand, heart to heart on this day the adventure starts

A Master of Ceremonies gives you peace of mind that every eventuality will be expertly managed, leaving the bridal party to relax and enjoy their important day.

Ideally, I will meet with the Bride and Groom before the big day to get to know their special expectations. If, due to distance or time, a meeting is not possible, several phone calls or a Skype session will achieve this.

I am happy to advise on every aspect of etiquette, or help with arranging the less traditional, or more informal, day. The bridal party can then relax and look forward to the wedding, in the full confidence that everything is in the hands of a professional.

Stephen Crosswell

I live in Exeter and specialise in weddings and events in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Gloucestershire. I am also happy to travel to any venue.

I have managed numerous events and take delight in arranging perfection for my clients with a service that exceeds their expectations.

I was trained by the prestigious Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation and take enormous pride in the red coat and tails and ensure the standards they represent are upheld.

Can you take the flowers to the venue please


Your Biggest Day

So many things have to come together to make this day fantastic. Hand the management of your day to a professional.

The bridal party make a tremendous investment in this day, so that the stars of the day and their guests enjoy a truly memorable event. There will be no reason for the Bride and Groom to concern themselves with the unexpected - they can relax and let my experience take over and solve any unforeseen issues without fuss, in a courteous and relaxed manner.

I watch the clock so that nobody else has to.

The elegance of a red tail coat and white bow tie provide a focal point  and help to ensure a well-organised and thoroughly enjoyable reception, lunch or dinner.


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