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From a Castle to a Village Hall my services will ensure that a special event is extra special. Weddings are a speciality but I can assist at dinners, lunches and conferences to make sure the event is on time and the venue is assured there is a point of contact front of house

The Downton Abbey series may be finished but I can provide a 'Carson' service at your event in Black Tails and white bow tie, I will oversee everything and ensure all goes to plan

A day In The Life

Anything you want and I mean anything

Travel 2 hours to get to the church at least an   hour before the guests.

Check the facilities

Meet the Groomsmen

Pin on buttonholes

Reserve seats for the Bridal Party.

Greet the guests

Hand out Orders of Service

Meet the photographer and help gather the guests for the pre-service photos 

Ask guests to take their seats as previously agreed with The Bride and Groom.

Escort Bride's mother to her seat

Request guests stand for the entrance of the bride

During the ceremony pop to the venue to check all is well, caterers are on time, room decoration is complete, help locate and set up the musicians ready to receive the Bridal Party and guests.

Return to the church to direct the guests to the venue.

Back to the venue.

Welcome drinks and canapes for the guests

Gather guests for photos

Arrange a location for The Bride to throw her bouquet.

Advise guests that The Families would like to receive their guests in a receiving line, after which guests are requested to take their seats for the wedding breakfast.

Request guests stand to welcome the new Mr and Mrs

Between courses I circulate with the Guest Book requesting guest leave their best wishes.

I also circulated with a Polaroid camera photographing guest individually and in groups to add to the Bride and Grooms memories of the day.

I introduced the various speakers, including The Brides Mother who had a surprise Disney themed cake for her Daughter, after contacting the PA installer because the system did not work 

I arranged the cake cutting, I usually offer The Bride and Groom one of my swords to cut the cake, in this case they had their own family sword

Next came a Mr and Mrs game and a blindfold game resulting in the groom covered in cream!

My final task to ask the Bride and Groom to take to the dance floor, after the first dance I take my leave having wished the Bride and Groom the very best.

2 hours later I am home, what a fantastic wedding an absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of it

Other Requests

Lucky Sixpences

I have given away hundreds of lucky sixpences to 'brides to be". The little known last line of the "Something old" poem is "and a sixpence in your shoe".

Sixpences no longer contain silver but since the Middle Ages a lucky coin was considered a talisman to ward off evil spirits. They should be placed in or on the left shoe on the wedding day

I always offer to teach The Groom how to open a bottle of fizz with a Champagne sabre, this piece of theatre called 'sabrage' originates from the Napoleonic wars when cavalry officers opened bottles without dismounting.

Can you collect our cake from Exeter and bring it to our venue, of course.

Meet our guests at their hotel, ensure they all board the coaches and go with them to the church and then the venue.

Meet our guests at the venue, go with them on a coach to Bath Abbey wait until after the ceremony and ensure they all get back to the venue.

Liaise with all of the suppliers so that they are in the right place at the right time.

Arrange a tug of war!

Request guests to move places between each course so that they can meet other guests, please ensure you take napkins, glasses and favours with you.

Ensure presents for parents, bridesmaids etc are available when needed. 

Can you give the Bride's father a lift in your car to the hotel where his Daughter

is getting ready

Move chairs and tables so that the evening entertainment can start

Drive the Bride's Father's car to the church because he is going with her in the wedding car

Confetti tunnel

Bouquet toss

Drive the wedding car from the venue to the church

Move the flowers from the church to the venue 

Our dress code will reflect the fact that were married in Florida, can you help us to repeat out vows in shorts and flip flops?


I am the preferred Toastmaster to many venues and hotels in the South West,

There are numerous venues and very few experienced and qualified Toastmasters in Devon, in fact there are only 3 or 4 of us, whilst I live in Devon I am more than happy to travel further afield if required, so our services are in great demand and an early booking is recommended.

My regalia has its origin in the depths of history when formality was the byword, my approach is as formal or familiar and relaxed as required by The Bride and Groom, just tell me what you would like.

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